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Best Flea Markets all around the world for Fashion Jewellery!

We all have are fashion-fetish and owning a collection of accessories is something we dream of! But then, we NEED places which are easy on our pockets too, right? After all, we want authentic looking elegant jewellery at affordable prices! No worries, we’re here to help! We have come up with a list of Flea Markets all over the world which are the best bet for all those accessories you always wanted!

Portobello Road Flea Market:
Location: London
Best time to visit: Saturday 10 a.m.
This is one of the oldest flea markets in the world, with farmers ruling it in the earlier days. But now it has become a hub for all kinds of things you can dream of, especially fashion. Accessories of all kinds –rare, antique and modern are available here, and you have a wide variety from which you can choose! It has hundreds of stalls, and you’ll end up picking more than accessories! And make sure you reach there at the mentioned time so that you can shop in peace because the crowd arrives later.

Jaffa Flea market:
Location: Tel Aviv
Best time to visit: Thursday 9 a.m.
Give your jewellery a Mediterranean twist! Amongst all the flea markets here, Jaffa is the best! A lot of changes have been introduced in the old city of Jaffa to make it more tourist-friendly, and the results are stunning! Find your best pick in the accessories and jeweller here, in Jaffa!

Marche de Montruiel Flea Market:
Location: Paris
Best time to visit: Saturday 7 a.m.
Most of the shops in Paris are shut for the weekend, but this flea market comes to your rescue! Hidden treasure and cheap bargains are all over Marche de Montruiel and it’s a hub for accessories and jewellery too!

Porta Portese Flea Market:
Location: Rome
Best time to visit: Sunday
If you love vintage jewellery, Porta Portese is your go-to destination! This place has such a beautiful collection of antique jewellery; you’ll be left spoilt for choice! And most of all, the jewelry here is cheap, so you’ll find yourself hopping around picking multiple statement pieces back home!

Freia de San Telmo:
Location: Buenos Aires
Best time to visit: Sunday 10 a.m.
This market offers antiques in everything you can think of! Imagine having a collection of antique jewellery that you can flaunt, at low prices! If you’re visiting Argentina, this market in Buenos Aires has to be on your itinerary. Best deals can be struck by at the unofficial stalls, but now that they’re in the majority, you’ll have your way throughout the market!
If you happen to visit any of these places or are already vacationing in one, don’t forget to add these Flea markets to your must-visit list!



Tips to choose the right fashion jewellery:

Jewellery immediately amps up the cool quotient of any outfit. It gives a different dimension to not only your clothes but also to your face structure! While some prefer blingy jewellery, others go for the milder, toned ones. Whatever your choice, jewellery is an essential part of your wardrobe. And choosing the right kind of jewellery is equally vital. To help you out, we have a few tips to help you choose the right type of jewelry to accessorize your outfits!

Know the structure of your face:
There are seven types of face structures: Round, Oval, Oblong, Heart shaped, Square, Diamond or Triangle shaped. You have to analyse your features and categorise your face structure accordingly. This will help you choose the right kind of jewellery which will accentuate your features.

Learn how to tone it down:
If you’ve decided to go with Chandelier earrings with an outfit, make sure you keep your neck and arms bare. If you go in for an arm full of bangles, pair it up with subtle earrings and necklace. A heavy neckpiece demands tiny studs for earrings and a sleek, yet fashionable bracelet. You need to learn the tricks of allowing a statement piece to steal the focus and not pile on a tonne of jewellery.


Choose your jewellery carefully:
Sometimes, we go in for buying cheap jewellery. These may not really have an elegant look and may end up looking tacky. So make it a point to invest in good quality fashion jewellery. And there’s really no specific place where you can find these treasures! You may find the right pick in a flea market or a mall, you never know!

Pick the right neckpiece:
Firstly, know your neckline and buy neckpieces which go in sync with your neckline. Also, know when to take it easy on neckpieces. If your dress has a turtleneck, forego the thought of wearing a neckpiece – our turtleneck itself makes an impactful style statement! If your dress has a deep neckline, a choker will jazz it up. Even a neckpiece with a statement locket will look great!

Select the perfect jewellery for your arms:
There is a whole range of beautiful jewellery to decorate your arms! Metal bangles, sleek bracelets, elegant watches or cuffs – there’s everything out there! Heavily accessorizing your arm means going in for a bare neck and subtle earrings.

Strike the right balance between bling, chic and subtle:
Let’s accept the fact – no one is a real fan of all blingy jewellery. But again, bling to is an essential aspect of jewellery, right? So yes, you have to learn how to set the tone right with bling, yet subtle and chic! It not only gives you an elegant look, but it also makes sure your jewellery does not steal too much focus from your clothes. Your jewellery also brings out your personality, so you need to choose your pieces sensibly. But we even don’t mind a little collection of OTT jewellery too!!

Make sure you keep these tips in mind the next time you’re on a jewellery shopping spree or dressing up for any event!

Brandi S. Braaten

We are an experienced bunch of designers who branched away from industry stalwarts to start a venture that captured the beauty of design and personalised jewellery. Come be a part of a community that doesn’t rest till perfection is attained.

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